Sunday, December 20, 2009

Make those resolutions stick in 2011

How is that all those best-laid plans and good intentions fall to the wayside approximately after a couple of days after the new year? To help us kick-start the new year and put some of those resolutions into action, allow The Bark-ery to come out with some suggestions to help you through:

Resolution #1: Spend more quality time with King (aside from the usual rushed walks)

This goal needs to be more specific: what will happen? Tricks? Visiting other dogs? Just hanging out? When will this happen? How often? A goal is more easily achieved if there is a concrete plan for achieving it. (King spends his time squirrel watching in the garden. Doesn't eat them of course but loves chasing them. In the afternoon, he gets visits from the monkeys where he loses his marbles by barking mad. I swear, there are times I can see a 'smile' on the monkey's face!)

Resolution #2: Get more exercise – both of us

It can often be pretty hard to start a new exercise habit. Making a “mini-plan” can often help. What kind of exercise? How long and how often? If you tell yourself something like, “When I get home from work, I will put on my shorts and t-shirt,” you will find it much easier to get going. Simple but extremely effective. (King gets his exercise twice a day: 7am and 6pm)

Resolution #3: Bone up on training

Be sure to pick times when you aren’t too mentally tired. Will-power is a limited resource and a good training session requires a good amount of self-control. So, don’t try a training session after a tough day at work. Make sure that you – and your dog – are fresh. (King watches his papa exercise by lying on his side and enjoying the air-con!)

Resolution #4: Drop a few pounds

Again, specificity is key. Realism is also key. People’s health goals (I can’t say for dogs) are often rather ambitious. Perhaps consult with the family doctor (and vet) about reasonable goals and how they can be achieved. (King:"Excuse me, I've no problems in that sector.")

Resolution #5: Give back

What a great idea! No sophisticated suggestions for this one. Just the obvious: Pick something close to your heart.
(King:"My 2-legged girlfriend bakes weekly for us and in turn, she contributes to the animal shelters. I lub her with all my heart.")

Lastly, The Bark-ery wishes all her 4-legged customers a Har-py Christmas & a Har-py New Year! Its been a good year!

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Lend a Paw to those in Need


Pass on the latte and instead, give a couple of dollars to the animal shelters of your choice. Or, in lieu of a material gift, donate in the name of a friend who has everything. A few bucks can go a long way!

Give the gift of an orphan pet

Help the animal shelters achieve their laudable goal of No More Homeless Pets with a one-time sponsorship of an animal. Scroll through tons (and tons) of dog photos and bios to choose whom you’d like to sponsor.

Ensure the golden years, are, well, golden

Sadly, after a lifetime of devotion, many critically ill, special needs and senior pets are abandoned at overburdened shelters where, proving largely unadoptable, they await euthanasia. Fortunately, there a few kind souls laboring to aid this sad situation. Financial support is always needed; you may designate your donation for specific needs, animals or projects should you wish to support a particular facet of their work.

Save lives

Most animal shelters in Malaysia as in the strong and stable ones for instance: Furry Friends Farm, Independent Pet Rescuers and SPCA specialize in mass pet evacuations and rescues necessitated by natural disasters. Donate or become a member to support their good work.

Get down with the spay/neuter effort

It’s desperate out there. 5,000,000 (yes, five million) animals are euthanized annually in the United States. In Malaysia, besides being euthanized, they’re either strangled or drowned! Help sponsor the animal shelters with a spay/neuter program and this would save the animal and unwanted population.

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