Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Countdown 2010 to Beginning 2011

The Bark-ery that comprises Arwin, Precious, Hermoine (3 cats) and King-sun, JJ & Jo Jo (3 dogs) and myself wish you a bark-ful 2011 and thank you for all your support this 2010.

Countdown of 'Events' 2010:

1. This year, the wildlife industry took a strong toll with the arrest of Anson Wong, wildlife smuggler and trader. Personally, I hope he has learnt his lesson once and for all and embark into something else when he gets out.

2. The DG of some government decides to say that it is ok to consume stray dogs! This doesn't help the reputation of Malaysia in the eye of ANIMAL WELFARE!

3. Bogus vets have risen with the failing of 'qualified vets' from UPM! The damage of lives they have done to dogs...blood on their hands. How do they sleep at night??

4. As it is, Malaysia is not a recognized country when it pertains to ANIMAL WELFARE nor is it a country that is ANIMAL FRIENDLY especially to dogs. To make matters worse, an animal testing facility from overseas wanted to set-up a facility in Malacca (I think) and thank god for PETA and the rest of the animal lovers who rallied infront of an embassy (can't remember which one).

Always remember that it is people like yourself that make a difference to the 4-legged stray, feral and domestic. I say a nightly prayer for you always ensuring that you're kept safe and sound. Without you, our 4-legged will not survive.

A note to remember:

Be merry during New Year's Eve, drink sensibly and please NO ALCOHOL FOR THE DOGS and drive safe.

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