Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bark-ery Companions

Frodo: "Is it done yet? What's coming out of the oven door this time, Mommy? Can I try some? Please? Please?"

Precious: "Resistance is futile, Mommy... you will let me lick the spoon... you will let me lick the spoon..."

Hermione: "I'm doing a good job of watching the kitchen rug for you, aren't I, Mommy?"

Arwin: "I'm hungry. When's dinner, Mom?"

Baby: "This is a good place to watch Mommy work. Mmmm... smells good, Mom!"
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katztales said...

Hey there fuzzies! Enjoyed meeting you all. Target says thank you for his treats. I'll be returning the favour next time I see you.

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