Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Cat's Meow

Most of us do not say much because we already know that we know everything and I mean everything. Efficient communication is a feline’s trademark. But, Hermoine – our youngest sister that mom rescued from SPCA or else it is the gallows she goes – meows non-stop. She is either a little unsure of herself, I suppose, so she expresses her opinions about everything. Whenever anyone walks into the room, she runs and observes from a corner then starts meowing all over again. I guess she likes to hear herself. She meows about the pigeons she sees at the verandah, about dreams she has throughout the day whenever she’s sleeping with 4 legs in the air and the revealing of a tri-colored large belly, about what kind of food she wants for dinner, about where she plans to take her next nap. She still talks about the time she was rescued by a human at SPCA then placed in a cage until mom came along, about her spine deformity and why whenever she walks she’s doing the MC Hammer jig.

The girl talks to everybody of 4-legs and 2-legs. She veritably wastes her words. She meows so much until Arwin and I ignore her these days and due to that, she’s meowed a lot lesser now compared to before. Just like how we turn our backs on the gabby humans. They are the ones who do not they ever do anyway.

Why should we listen to them?

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~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Hermione is lovely and has such gorgeous eyes! I would be thrilled if she chose to talk to me!

Jessica Adam said...

She is cute.i loved her.
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