Monday, May 18, 2009

About Meem's Bark-ery

‘Meem's Bark-ery’

Wouldn’t you want your mom or dad to treat you with home-baked goodies for a change? If you are bored swallowing the current ones, pretty simple…stop by the latest home-baked gourmet called ‘Meem's Bark-ery’.


When looking for a treat, finding out which is the right one for you is the first step. Identify what is your favorite fruit, think about the benefit to you then allow your saliva glands and belly do the talking! This is called ‘Meem's Bark-ery Taste Style’.


All ingredients are carefully selected and researched. For instance: chocolate and raisins are toxic to dogs. All baking is done at my home kitchen and trials are done with my ‘Taste Team’ before it is sold. This is called ‘Meem's Bark-ery Check’.


No preservatives, coloring, chemicals, flavors or additives. Ingredients are freshly used and freshly baked and not overly done so the vitamins and minerals are still intact. Leftovers are disposed. This is called ‘Meem's Bark-ery Cares’.


@ ‘Meem's Bark-ery’, I am proud of my products. My promise to you is to provide a wide range of high quality produce that is affordable with belly satisfaction! I guarantee you will have a good night’s sleep with ‘Meem's Bark-ery’ treat of your choice!
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