Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bark-ery Mutt Loaf Cup Cakes

Product Code: TB07
Product Name: Bark-ery Mutt Loaf Cup Cakes (with topping)
Price & Size: RM30.00 for 12 cup cakes
Ingredients: Mince beef or mince chicken, garlic, dried oregano, whole wheat bread, milk, ketchup, fresh parsley leaves, eggs, egg shells, olive oil, vegetable oil.

For topping: sweet potatoes, parmesan cheese, olive oil. Garnishing: blueberries or cherries.
90% organic

Meat loaf is traditionally baked in a loaf pan and served with mash potatoes on the side but why not do in a cupcake form? They look just like chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing!
Cover and refrigerate for 3 days to a week. Do take note that this can also be lined as a bark-day cake on a cake board as illustrated above.

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