Monday, May 18, 2009

About Me

For over ten years, I depended on pet food companies and others for my pay check. I saw myself as an entrepreneur because, as a pet advisor, I was responsible for developing my own customer base and educate pet owners with their pets. In retrospect, I realize that my employer was my safety net. Although I took risks, I never made the leap of faith that all true entrepreneurs make.

I took a job working in a pet store after coming back from New Zealand after a course of Veterinary Nursing. With every ounce of trust and belief in their principles and with such reputation overseas, I knew I had found my ultimate ‘retirement’ job and banished the goal of working elsewhere. Four years later, everything I believed came crashing and I was finished and lost; that is what I thought at the time anyway.

Out of a job in 2009 for 5 ½ months and anxious to do something different but relating to animals and being able to help any animal shelter or rescuing pets, close friends came to my aid and suggested I do a web site on education for pet owners, introduce non animal tested products for pets and bake for dogs. Good or bad times, we still need to feed our pets. Realizing my capability, I accepted the challenge to go full fletch and reach my potential. I became an entrepreneur by accident. Hence, ‘LuvThyPet’ & ‘The Bark-ery’ was born and 2 years later, I decided to facelift ‘The Bark-ery’ and call it ‘Meem’s Bark-ery’.

My 3 cats & 1 dog, Arwin, Precious, Hermoine & King-sun (who lives with his Pet Parents in PJ) are my closest companions as I work alone. They are my inspiration and of course not forgetting my 2-legged close friends through their affection and ideas, I have decided to dedicate this web site to them and in mentioning on the human side, they are: Stanley & Cass from ADDICTION and Sherrina of Independent Pet Rescuers (IPR) who were my constant supporters and advisors. This web site would not come alive if it wasn’t for them.

My gratitude to all of you….

For the animals,

P.S. I am also the World Animal Day (WAD) Ambassador for Malaysia. Log onto for further information.
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