Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Now it is my turn to get some stardom! Can’t always give it all to Arwin who is my eldest sister and the QUEEN of our clan and she over powers our human mom!

I’m starting my first tail on the feature of:


Some cats like riding in cars and some do not. Mom always puts us in cat carriers and we don’t need to share. We get our own carrier. As usual, Arwin must have her own as she doesn’t like to share! It is safe keeping us in a cat carrier. We meditate and smell drowsily when the window gets rolled down and new smells waft in. When the smell indicates our final destination, we crane our neck to ensure it is not the vet’s clinic. If it is the vet’s clinic, which is 99% of the time, we hiss like the bride of Frankenstein!

We struggle with cars because we know that they are not our friends – cars have taken many lives of our 4-legged friends. But nothing can beat the best relationship with a car by being in it. After all, when you are inside, it cannot run over you. I hear mom sigh with sadness every time she sees a cat, dog, pup or kitten being run over by a car and the insides all spread out on the road. Malaysian drivers she always says. I, personally, thank the fates for putting me inside the car as I am able to watch the trees go by. 
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