Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five Niftiest Snacks

My Five Niftiest Snacks…..

  1. My boring regular kibbles.
  2. Tuna in Mineral Water and no added salt by the brand of ‘Ayam Brand’. Mom gives that to Hermoine and I as a daily supper treat. Arwin doesn’t like it, it is way to low of a treat for her.
  3. Yogurt and excuse me, I only lick strawberry flavor.
  4. Catnip…oh my god…that is heaven as I go mental with it.
  5. Pigeons….I’m still wondering what they taste like….mom always allows us to watch them fly and sit on the railing at the verandah. Mom is still brainwashing us by saying,”Leave the birdies alone. You may watch and not touch!”
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